The Ultimate Real Estate Choice in Marbella

Searching for a dependable international real estate agent in Spain? Your holiday home is more than just a significant investment; it's a sanctuary where you spend your most valuable moments. At M21, we represent the pinnacle of expertise, transparency, luxury, quality, and lifestyle value.

We specialize in finding exclusive holiday homes on the Costa del Sol, tailored to match your needs and lifestyle. Our commitment is to assist you every step of the way, catering to all budgets. Let M21 be your guide to the perfect holiday retreat that aligns with your aspirations and way of life.


8 Reasons to Choose M21 for Your Costa del Sol Property Needs

At M21, we're committed to turning your dream of a Costa del Sol holiday home into a reality with professional, tailored support every step of the way.

  • 1 Expert Buyers Advice at No Cost: Leverage over 20 years of our experience in the Spanish market absolutely free.
  • 2 Exclusive Access to New Developments: Explore over 250 new property developments on the Costa del Sol.
  • 3 Wide Range of Properties: Choose from a vast selection of over 40,000 properties for sale.
  • 4 Multilingual Team: Communicate with ease in English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Scandinavian.
  • 5 Comprehensive Financial Guidance: Receive free, expert advice on mortgages, investing, and taxes.
  • 6 Insights from a Lifestyle Expert: Engage with our lifestyle expert and keynote speaker, renowned from TV appearances.
  • 7 Valuable Resources: Get four e-books plus the most extensive property guide for the Costa del Sol.
  • 8 Skilled Negotiation: Benefit from our negotiation expertise to potentially secure a significant price reduction on your property purchase.

Where do you start?

We have created a natural flow of milestones you can follow to achieve your dream life in the sun in the most comfortable way.

With over two decades of rich and expansive experience in the real estate industry, we established M21 in 2016, in response to a growing demand from our esteemed clients and an extensive network who sought our expertise in acquiring properties in Marbella. At M21, we don't just find you a holiday home; we meticulously curate properties that resonate with your unique lifestyle and individual preferences. Our approach is bespoke, ensuring that each property we present aligns seamlessly with your world and aspirations. Our commitment to personalized service and deep market insight sets us apart, making us not just advisors, but partners in realizing your real estate vision in Marbella.

Investing in real estate within the prime locations of Costa del Sol stands as one of the most significant investment opportunities in Europe currently. This region not only offers a robust platform for augmenting personal wealth but also presents a rapid growth trajectory, particularly through the lucrative avenue of short-term rentals during peak seasons.

The strategic fusion of personal utilization with investment in these properties not only balances the financial equation, rendering the investment effectively “cost neutral,” but also adds substantial value. This dual approach enhances your lifestyle through the luxury and comfort of owning a property in such a sought-after location. Moreover, it ensures a continuous stream of rental income, which can be particularly rewarding during the high season.

Furthermore, the long-term financial benefits of such an investment are noteworthy. The Costa del Sol's real estate market has consistently demonstrated a strong potential for price appreciation. Thus, in the event of a resale, investors are well-positioned to realize a significant return on investment, capitalizing on the increased market value. This aspect of the investment not only secures immediate financial gains through rental yields but also promises a substantial future return, making it a comprehensive and astute financial decision.

M21 epitomizes the essence of contemporary Marbella, a concept deeply rooted in the international culture that began with the inception of the Marbella Club Hotel in 1954. This iconic establishment marked the transformation of Marbella from a quaint, overlooked fishing village of just 900 inhabitants to a world-renowned, cosmopolitan hub. Today, Marbella boasts over 200,000 residents, a number that doubles during the high season. It stands as a unique, inspiring, and magical sanctuary for people from all corners of the globe seeking "the good life" – a life wrapped in the rich tapestry of Andalusian culture, nestled in Europe's finest microclimate.

Marbella's exceptional climate, where winters are about 10 degrees warmer and summers 10 degrees cooler compared to the mainland, is a result of the harmonious interplay between the protective mountains and the temperate ocean. This interaction not only cools the region in the summer but also warms it during the winter, creating a climate that is globally recognized as among the most comfortable. 

This unique environment fosters a wellness ecosystem and a "feel-good" ambiance, where life unfolds at a leisurely pace that renders stress virtually impossible. In Marbella, every aspect converges to offer an unparalleled quality of life, making it a coveted destination for those in pursuit of wellbeing and tranquility.

Headquartered in the prestigious locales of Marbella's Golden Mile and central Copenhagen, M21 is strategically positioned to offer unparalleled service to its clients at every stage of their journey in acquiring the perfect holiday home. Our proximity to our clients, both before and after the meticulous identification and acquisition process, distinctly sets our service apart.

At M21, our team of experts is always within reach. Whether it's through our accessible office locations, interactive seminars in central venues, or personalized Q&A meetings in the comfort of your own home, we ensure a continuous and tailored engagement with our clients. This commitment to being readily available and responsive not only reflects our dedication to exceptional customer service but also strengthens the trust and relationships we build with each client.

Our approach at M21 is not just about facilitating transactions; it's about creating lasting partnerships and providing ongoing support and expertise. This philosophy underpins our operations, making us a trusted and reliable partner in your real estate journey.

In addition to boasting an impressive portfolio of our own exclusive property listings, M21 also enjoys access to an extensive array of new homes – encompassing over 285 new developments – and a comprehensive database featuring over 40,000 homes for sale along the Costa del Sol. 

Our expansive overview, robust network, and deep-seated knowledge equip us to adeptly navigate the myriad of possibilities and areas, enabling us to pinpoint the right properties that align seamlessly with your financial capabilities, needs, and lifestyle preferences.

M21 stands as the most seasoned and competent agency for any prospective buyer on the coast, ensuring that your home search is both streamlined and comprehensive. We adhere to high and innovative Scandinavian service standards, committed to delivering professional and personal advice tailored to each client's unique requirements. 

Our approach is not just about facilitating a transaction; it's about understanding and actualizing your vision of an ideal home, making M21 your definitive destination in your property search along the Costa del Sol.

At M21, under the leadership of partners MDE Sebastian Merling Hansen and MA Martin Juncher, a synthesis of profound local insights and global expertise is meticulously crafted to establish an unparalleled position in the real estate market.

Sebastian Merling Hansen, an eminent real estate agent educated in Denmark, transitioned from Estatemæglerne in Copenhagen to the challenging and competitive real estate arena of Marbella in 2018. His remarkable success is a testament to a rare acumen in navigating both local and international real estate trends.

Martin Juncher contributes over a decade and a half of seasoned experience in business development and real estate, augmented by an expansive international network. His proficiency in the development and sale of residential and commercial portfolios, coupled with his longstanding residence in Marbella, endows M21 with a distinct competitive edge.

M21 distinguishes itself as a lifestyle-centric real estate firm, resolutely committed to surpassing client expectations. Embracing a tailored approach that focuses on accommodating the individual lifestyle needs of clients, M21 is ideally positioned to adeptly maneuver through the luxurious real estate market of Marbella. This dedication to personalized service and an understanding of clients' unique desires reinforces M21's reputation as a prominent and esteemed entity in the sector.

The partners of M21, MDE Sebastian Merling Hansen and MA Martin Juncher, form an impressive team with a diverse set of skills and experiences, leading the company to international recognition in the real estate industry.

Sebastian Merling Hansen, known for his hard work and ambition in the real estate sector, strategically transitioned from Realmæglerne in Copenhagen to the dynamic property market in Marbella in 2018. This career move highlighted his ability to navigate both local and international real estate landscapes. Beyond his professional success, Sebastian is passionate about football. He is an active football player in Marbella and has previously played at an elite level in Denmark. This sporting background not only reflects Sebastian's competitive spirit and teamwork but also his commitment and leadership skills, which he brings to M21, contributing significantly to the company's prominent position in the real estate industry.

Martin Juncher, cand.scient.pol. from Aarhus University, is a pivotal figure in M21's leadership. His blend of academic insight and over 15 years of practical experience in international business and property development is crucial to the company's success. With his in-depth knowledge of the political and economic factors affecting the real estate market, Martin plays a key role in steering M21 through complex business landscapes. Martin's international network and extended stay in Marbella with his family have given him a unique perspective on both the local and global property markets. This combination of local insights and global understanding makes Martin an invaluable resource in M21's efforts to meet customer needs in Marbella's luxury market.

M21 excels through its expert leadership and robust internal legal and financial expertise. The firm is proud to have unparalleled access to an extensive database of holiday homes on the Costa del Sol.

Their effective and proven approach to matching properties with individual lifestyle and budget requirements places M21 in a unique position to serve a diverse, passionate, and entrepreneurial clientele. The harmonious blend of local understanding, global outlook, and a dedicated focus on tailored service is the cornerstone of M21's distinguished presence in the luxurious Marbella real estate market.

In the area, there is a significant demand for both short and long-term rentals, which plays a crucial role in our approach to property selection at M21. Whether or not you intend to rent out your holiday home, our recommendations are strategically tailored to include properties with strong rental potential. This is an essential consideration, as properties that are appealing in the rental market often also have greater appeal should you decide to sell in the future.

At M21, our focus is on evaluating the entire spectrum of available properties to estimate the right choice for each individual case. Our team dedicates itself to identifying homes where quality and price are in optimal balance, ensuring they meet and exceed our clients' expectations. By concentrating on properties that offer both high rental and resale appeal, we ensure that your investment is not only safeguarded but also positioned for optimal financial performance, whether you choose to rent it out or not.

Our approach to property selection is a testament to our commitment to protecting and enhancing your investment and financial interests. We aim to provide you with a property that not only meets your current needs and desires but also offers flexibility and financial security in the face of future market changes or personal circumstances. Whether your goal is to build a long-term real estate portfolio, generate rental income, or simply enjoy a holiday home with potential for future resale, our expert guidance is designed to ensure that your investment is both profitable and adaptable to your evolving needs.

At M21, we've carefully selected our housing development partners on the Costa del Sol, prioritizing those with a strong track record in both building excellence and financial stability. This careful selection allows us to offer our clients access to some of the most contemporary and luxurious apartments and villas in the region's most sought-after housing projects.

We understand that investing in a property is a significant decision, which is why we partner with developers who are not just reliable, but also leaders in their field. This ensures that when you choose to buy with us, you're not just purchasing a home; you're investing in quality, modern design, and a lifestyle in some of the best locations on the Costa del Sol.

Our approach at M21 is straightforward and client-focused. We aim to simplify the process, removing any complexities, and ensuring that your journey in finding the perfect home or investment is as seamless and rewarding as possible. With us, you can expect a balance of professional expertise and practical, down-to-earth advice, guiding you to a property that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Searching for a holiday home can be stressful without a hard-working expert taking the burden off your shoulders – a lot of information on the internet is often outdated and inaccurate, so fact checks, local experience, and legal due diligence are a must. We guarantee maximum value for money, quality, security and total experience that exceeds your expectations.

As Scandinavians living permanently in Marbella, we have knowledge of both the Nordic mentality and always a finger on the pulse in the local Spanish market. We distinguish ourselves by being fully available throughout the process from start to finish so everything is done correctly – we offer our full advice package free of charge, incl. the most informative Spanish housing guide that puts you in a privileged position to take a well-informed decision.


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