Hollywood star shooting big movie in Marbella ” The New Hollywood in Europe”

M21 helps renowned film director and Hollywood star. It creates a great deal of attention on “Europe’s California”.


Robert Davi optager storfilm med Marbella 21 på Costa del Sol i Estepona - Malaga

Hollywood star, Robert Davi, known from James Bond, License To Kill, Predator 2, The Goonies, Showgirls & Die Hard (over 130 films) is recording the big movie “Pistolera” in Estepona and Marbella.

Due to M21’s local knowledge and network in Marbella, the company’s partner Martin Nicholaz Dellavalierra is helping the well-known film director and Hollywood star Damian Chapa to realize his film footage in the area, involving international actors, film crew, mayor, press, and many other talented people.

For 7 days, a film has been recorded in the family’s private villa in Marbella. In addition, the host couple has two major roles in the film, as Martin plays Raffaello’s right hand, playing with film legend Robert Davi, and Liv Alexanndra Kaliopi playing the young female detective.

Video with Robert Davi – from Estepona TV, Costa del Sol

Watch the video by Estepona TV on the Costa del Sol as they capture Robert Davi, Romina di Lella and Damian Chapa in Estepona, where filming takes place. You can see the clip below (in Spanish).

Join us on the film footage for the new big movie “Pistolera” with Hollywood star Robert Davi

Marbella21 – the TV documentary star from Sun for Millions and M21 partner, Martin Nicholaz Dellavalierra, has led a lot of exclusive “behind the scenes” pictures. This is from the footage to the new movie “Pistolera” – with Hollywood star Robert Davi as the front figure.

Julio Peces (Mayor of Culture, Estepona), Romina di Lella (Pistolera), Robert Davi (Raffaello), Damian Chapa (Rico.) During the Estepona fishing port action scene.
Rihanna Berry (Young Angel), Damian Chapa (film director and actor), Robert Davi (Raffaello) at the Estepona Police Station.
Robert Davi arrives in Marbella from Miami, where he right now plays the lead character in the new TV series, Paper Empire, Danish entrepreneur, Morten Wagner (founder of dating.dk), Liv Alexanndra Kaliopi (Danish actress as the female detective).
Robert Davi (Raffaello), Damian Chapa (director) films in private villa in Marbella.
Marta Blanc, Spanish actress like Cherry, Damian Chapa (film director and Hollywood movie star) in the middle, Romina di Lella as Pistolera.
Liv Alexanndra Kaliopi plays female detective – here in at a film set at the local police station.
Martin Nicholaz Dellavalierra in the role as the right-hand to Raffaello (Robert Davi). Here is the tattoo of designer Sigi Soomre before the action scene.
Martin Nicholaz Dellavalierra in the role as the right-hand to Raffaello (Robert Davi). Action scene in private Marbella villa.

Det nye Hollywood er Marbella og Estepona

”The New Hollywood”

The main vision for the real estate agency Marbella21 (“M21”) is to help to establish The New Hollywood in Marbella on the Costa del Sol, also known as “Europe’s California”.

To build the dream in this up-coming part of Spain that was forgotten until the German entrepreneur Prince Alfonso Hohenlohe ignored the nay-sayers and created the Marbella Club Hotel on the best plot on the Golden Mile. This marked the beginning of the grandness we experience today.

Important people, royalties, entrepreneurs, pioneers, sheiks, movie stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Sean Connery who enjoyed the lifestyle in Marbella for several decades.

Because the seeds were put in the ground 70 years ago today it is normal to have 25 different nationalities, Russians, Arabs, Persians, Americans, Scandinavian and many more gathered at kids parties finding common ground and the joy of life. Before turning the local history upside down and globalizing Marbella as the most cosmopolitan village worldwide – who know Marbella might still have 900 inhabitants as back then.

Not to forge the setting. The immaculate sunny climate and an unmatched surrounding nature with the Andalusian mountain range in the background and the Mediterranean in the foreground.

The sublime nature gives the most unique opportunities for unfolding together in one place throughout Europe, including activities such as skiing in 4000 meters with views of the coast, surfing, polo, golf, trekking, MTB and much more.

Recordings take place in the most cosmopolitan village in the world.

Marbella - Costa del Sol
Marbella – Costa del Sol, Malagá

In addition, the area around Estepona and Marbella distinguishes itself as an exceptionally attractive mix of Spanish and international culture. It makes the place the most cosmopolitan village in the world.

As film director Damian Chapa says:

This is The New Hollywood. It´s LA without the smog.

Estepona City is really praised by the movie stars and both Robert Davi and Damian Chapa say that Estepona is the most beautiful city in the whole of Europe – with a very powerful voice behind.

Estepona – Costa del Sol, Malagá

As they both say, they don’t have such a beautiful place, such as Estepona and Marbella, even in Hollywood. They refer to the place as a peaceful and authentic paradise.

Together with actress and co-producer Romina di Lella, they are deeply grateful for the support they have received from authorities and contributors in the area.

Special locations selected

Actor Robert Davi and film director Damian Chapaare working hard along with the rest of the film crew, including the technical team, actors and contributors from:

  • England
  • USA
  • Morocco
  • Spain etc.
Filmoptagelser i Estepona fiskerihavn
Action scene in Estepona fishing port with the press and local citizens following the footage

The crew will be filming in Estepona and Marbella for a couple of weeks which gives the opportunity to meet them in the area, where a number of very special locations are used during the filming. Among others, a fishing port in Estepona, a private villa in Marbella, local police station, beaches, restaurants, and bars.

Estepona by set oppe fra
Estepona City, seen from above

Thanks to Julio Peces, Cultural Mayor of Estepona who helped to get location approval to filming in public places, where many of the locals also saw the wild action movie scenes.

Filmen Paper Empire med Robert Davi kommer i 2019Robert Davi is also actual with recordings for the extremely interesting TV series Paper Empire, which will be published in 2019.

Film director and actor Damian Chapa (known from Blood in Blood out, Street Fighter & Under Siege), Danny Trejo (known from Machete, From Dusk to Dawn, Desperado & Once Upon Time in Mexico), (Romina Di Lella, known from Enemy Within, Love Hate & Security). Read more about Paper Empire at IMDB


Thanks to Journalist Mathilde Forstholm, Attorney-at-Law and M21 Partner, Jackie Phillip and Christian Illerup founder of PR360, a digital PR agency based in London, New York, and Copenhagen. The Danish department of PR360 has been behind this article – in close collaboration with M21 Partner Martin Nicholaz Dellavalierra.



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