Residency in Spain is the dream of many – whether it is the vibrant culture or the sun-drenched land, the allure of the country is undeniable. Fortunately, achieving this goal is not as difficult as you might think, thanks to the Golden Visa.

The Spain Golden Visa (also known as the Investor Visa) offers non-EU citizens an opportunity to secure residency by making substantial investments in Spain. There are various avenues that you can take as an investor, including real estate and business investment – your choice will ultimately depend on your overall goals and interests (as well as your financial commitment).

If you are keen to move to Spain, the Golden Visa could be the best path for you to take – read on to find out more, as well as how the experts at M21 can help you achieve your investment (and lifestyle) goals.

What is the Spain Golden Visa Program?

The Spain Golden Visa is a ‘residency by investment’ program. This means that for the right investment, you can essentially buy the full rights of a resident – by investing in the Spanish economy for the right sum, you can enjoy the many perks and privileges of residency.

Who is Eligible for a Spain Golden Visa?

To be a potential candidate for the Spain Golden Visa, you must make the appropriate minimum investment and meet these criteria:

  • Minimum age of 18 years old 
  • Possess valid health insurance in Spain
  • Have adequate financial support for yourself and your family
  • Maintain a clean criminal record
  • Be absent from Spain’s list of undesirables
  • Not have any declined Schengen Visas

Spanish Golden Visa Investment Pathways

Your eligibility hinges on the type and amount of your investment:

  • Real Estate – Just €500,000 leads to Residency Visas for the Acquisition of Real Estate (RIV).
  • Company Shares or Spanish Bank Deposit – A cool €1,000,000 earns you Residency Visas for Capital Investors (RIC)
  • Spanish Public Debt – A more significant €2,000,000 also secures a Residency Visa for Capital Investors (RIC)
  • Entrepreneurship – Shape Spain’s future by investing at least €1,000,000 in businesses that promote employment, innovation, and socio-economic growth in Spain.

How to Apply for the Spain Golden Visa

Embarking on the Spain Golden Visa journey? The good news is that the application is not particularly complex – as a first step, you’ll need to make the necessary investment. If you are applying through the real estate option, then you will have to find and commit to purchasing the property (we can help you with this). 

Then, within three months of investing, lodge your application at the Spanish Embassy alongside all of your relevant supporting documentation, and wait for approval. When you receive this, you’ll need to visit Spain to get your Residence Permit and give biometric readings.

Here are the documents you will need to fill out or provide to support your application:

  1. Fill out the Spanish long-stay visa form
  2. Attach two recent passport-size photos
  3. Present a valid passport and proof of residence
  4. Provide all relevant investment documentation
  5. Acquire the Police Clearance
  6. Demonstrate sufficient economic resources
  7. Procure Medical Insurance from an authorised Spanish company and a medical certificate

Advantages of the Spain Golden Visa

The Spain Golden Visa is not just a win for you – it also entitles your immediate family to these benefits:

  • Residency for the visa holder and family (see below for who is included)
  • Visa-free travel in the Schengen Area (22 EU member states and four non-member countries)
  • No obligatory stay in Spain for visa renewal
  • Eligibility for permanent residency after five years
  • Spanish citizenship after ten continuous years
  • Access to Spain’s health and education services

What are the Spain Golden Visa Requirements?

As you can imagine, there are additional rules and information that you need to be aware of when you embark on your Golden Visa journey.

Family Accommodation

The Golden Visa provides these benefits for:

  • Your spouse
  • Children under the age of 18 and dependent adult children
  • Dependent elderly parents

Visa Duration

Initially, the Golden Visa lasts for a year. After this, you can attain a two-year residence permit – and, as long as the investment remains intact, you can renew this every two years.

 After five continuous years in Spain, you can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit.

Residency Rules

While the Golden Visa does not require you to stay in Spain for renewal, permanent residency requires at least five years of stay with a minimum of six months annually. A decade-long stay is needed for full Spanish citizenship.

Potential Visa Revocation

If you withdraw part or all of your initial investment, the Golden Visa can be taken away.

Key Highlights

  • Real Estate Route – Acquiring property worth €500,000 or more is a popular pathway to residency.
  • Permanent Residency – After the initial period, renew your permit, abiding by the original conditions.
  • Spanish Citizenship – After a decade with the Golden Visa, you can apply for citizenship, provided you meet certain criteria.
  • Former Spanish Colonies – Nationals from specific countries can obtain citizenship faster, within just two years.
  • Mortgages – Using a mortgage for the minimum property requirement does not qualify.
  • European Travel – The Golden Visa allows visa-free Schengen Zone travel, but each non-Schengen European country has distinct rules.
  • Health Insurance – You must have valid health insurance.
  • Taxes – Non-residents are not taxed on global income, but property owners must pay local taxes.

Going through the Spanish Golden Visa process can be intricate, but with the right guidance, it is more than worthwhile. Whether you aim to reside in Spain or simply wish to capitalise on the benefits, this visa offers a relatively easy pathway.

Why Choose M21?

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